Vision and Values


Create space to engage God, people and culture.
We feel it is better to have a vision of God than to make a God out of vision. However we do feel that He has given us an understanding and purpose of who and what we should be to the people we are called to. 
CREATING SPACE, in the sporting world, is the act of leaving an area of the field in order to draw the defence away from that area so that your teammate can use the space to its advantage. In other words it is positioning yourself for the advantage of others. 
We feel God is saying that we should position ourselves for the advantage of others. Whether that be in our relationship with Him, each other, families, friends, towns, cities, churches and spheres of influence in our culture!  Why? Because all the space is His, it has been stolen and He wants it back! Psalm 24:1 says, The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it. We exist to reclaim everything that has been stolen in people’s lives and to see the power of Jesus changing our city through us.
We also believe that how we do what we do is equally important and so we have a set of values we live by.

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